About Us

Background Experience and Successful History

Global Technology Group was established in 2003, provide a board range of world-class telecommunications services initially. Later on, group diversifies to the verticals business sectors including TMT (Technology, Media & Telecommunications), Financial Services, Trading, Real Estate and Consultation. We offer our services to a diverse range of clients - a Large Enterprise, Corporate or Mid-market company or a Small and Medium sized business or a Public sector government enterprise.

Vision, Mission,Values

To become number one Carrier Services & IGW Provider in Myanmar within 5 years.
To Provide Internet Revolution,Broadband Solutions everywhere, to promote High Speed and High Quality Internet.
: 100% Fiber Based Network for Corporate Customers and Reliable Internet for Consumers (You enjoy our services, we serve the quality.)
: Pride for our commitments
Variety of Choice
: Creative and Innovative Services (From Layer 1 to Layer 7)
: Build Customer Trust and Loyalty providing more than Internet,beyond their expectation.
Customer Centric
: Customer oriented services
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